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Deborah Brown Consulting (DBC) brings clients 30+ years' experience working with executive teams within local, national and international nonprofits, foundations, and Fortune 500 companies. DBC specializes in grant writing, project management, board governance and foundation start-up. We increase funding and promote a greater good in line with clients’ missions.


Grant Support

DBC helps organizations throughout the grant process—from readiness audits, research and planning, to writing, evaluation and reporting. 

Project Management

DBC customizes services to help nonprofit, foundation, for-profit and hybrid clients with a variety of special projects.

Board Governance

DBC supports organizations wherever they are in the board process—from initiation, recruitment and structuring, to meeting management, board secretary work, and long-term growth.

Foundation Support

DBC helps foundations successfully launch and develop, from assessing funding needs in targeted areas to defining a mission and cultivating a board to support the donor's vision.

Deborah Brown, Principal Deborah Brown Consulting

Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown brings years of experience to socially-conscious organizations, helping clients in the for-profit, nonprofit, and hybrid sectors grow their impact. She specializes in grant writing, project management and board governance and enjoys collaborating with individuals and teams, whether they are working on the local or global scale. 

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Our mission is to promote social good within communities by helping the changemakers—who know them best—to increase funding, cultivate effective boards, and facilitate projects with real-world impact.


Skilled Matchmakers

We help you cultivate sustainable partnerships with funders who share your values and your commitment to making an impact in your community and your area of endeavor.

We Help You Unlock Doors

We are skilled writers, impassioned allies and persuasive advocates. We thrive on a good challenge for a just cause—and have no problem asking for money. We combine seasoned insights, resilience and a positive outlook to help get the attention of funders who share your ideals.

Trusted Team Members

We are respectful of your time and budget; we know the nonprofit environment well and work efficiently to maximize your investment in us. We are quick studies who truly listen, avidly research and seamlessly integrate ourselves into your planning process.